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Andrej Dúbravský

Andrej Dúbravský, a young Slovak author, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Several times he exhibited during solo exhibitions in Slovakia, Czech and in Germany. He was also presented in abroad, for example in Italy, France or Brazil. He is represented in collections in the Slovak National Gallery and Prague’s DSC Gallery where he exhibited in 2015. After that he moved for the long-term contract to the USA.

Author’s painting is based on a classical technique, an even more classical demeanor and an emphatic sense. Sometimes we are tempted to call his work old-fashioned. Dúbravský seems to be expressing something in his works that defies analysis, unique core of who he is. In the past, this sort of expression was one central object of painting.

His creation comes also from the theory of psychoanalysis and undoubtedly it has also a sexual subtext. His paintings are full of male nudity in a connection with nature, for Andrej the typical rabbit ears were in the course of time transformed into devilish horns.

Dúbravský does not attract attention only by his provocative ideas. Attractive is also his swift painting, he works by the technique alla prima on raw canvas. Colors are quickly injected into the painting and give the picture a special aquarium atmosphere. On the other hand, the image can not be later retouched and requires careful preparation and sketching.

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