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Matúš Kucharovič

My name is Matus Kucharovic (08.08.1983), graphic and product designer living and working in the world-famous Spa town: Piešťany / Slovakia.
I'm founder of the independent label Retart.

I graduated at the Faculty of Education of the Comenius University (aesthetic section) and started to do graphic design by my own. I was inspired and influenced by street art. Actually, the name Retart was originally created to label my street art pieces, which have always been the main focus of my creative work.

I learned to sew at quite an early age and since then, I've been interested in clothing accessories design. Later on, I tried to combine street art, graphic design with my sewing skills and I started to use the brand Retart also for distinguishing the first clothes I made only for myself. Next years I worked at headquarters for printing and fabric in a company which opened new Hi-tech and material possibilities to me.

My personal intention was to find & create a new useful product which would embody the things I like: art, design, sewing, street art... and this is how the Retart wallet was born.

The central idea was to promote visual art of young Slovak artist by means of a product of daily use, at which people would look every day and to make art accessible to people also outside of the galleries.

As soon as the wallet spread among people, it provoked an unexpectedly big wave of interest. That's why I'm going ahead.

My efforts at the moment are focused on its looking for the new visual artist and creating decent collaboration. I am still trying to develop a new kind and edition of the products, which make relevant artwork presentation in its entirety.

Great artists collaboration is a basic for my product design.

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