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Kristína Mésároš

Kristína R. Mésároš (1981) is one of a very strong group of young painters that has appeared on the contemporary visual arts stage over the last decade. She is a graduate (studio of V. Kolenčík) of the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava. Kristina discovered painting to be her favourite means of self-expression early, during her studies at the Academy. In her artwork, she prefers imaginative themes evoked by her own personal experience, finding inspiration, often even actual images, in exotic locations in distant countries. She also “borrows” inspirational moments from historical photographs, or “hunts” for them among the apparently “ordinary” aspects of her everyday surroundings. Her works refer to the traditional imagery of illustrative or symbolic painting, and in them she is continually examining the narratives of the relationships of the human to the rest of nature. However, the stories are blurred by the semantic minimalism of her works, and the seemingly settled poetics of their scenes are always disturbed by subtle, subversive moments.

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