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Jarmila Mitríková

At present, I am in the 6th year of university studies, at prof. Ivan Csudai´s painting atelier. As I finished my Bc. degree at the atelier of ceramics, my specialisation is not bound to one medium only. Apart from painting, I also express myself by means of three dimensional objects, especially by means of installations. I am very fond of crossovers of various kinds of media. I have cooperated with David Demjanovič on a pyrography project; we create works of art decorating materials with burn marks using a soldering iron. My main source of inspiration are the taste and the conventions of the middle class, the banality of their reality that sometimes borders on the absurd, often resembles fiction.
I take objects and symbols out of their natural context, I manipulate them, create collages and new theatrical environments. I blur the difference between the real and the fictitious, depicting the world around me at the same time.

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