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Jan Vytiska

Jan was born in Prague but spent most of his childhood in a picturesque small town, which has had an obvious impact on his work. He recently completed his studies at the Art College in Ostrava. He both paints and draws, and his pictures burst with pop culture imagery mixed with references to Czech classic illustrator Josef Lada and B-movies. His favourite artist is Belgian painter James Ensor. Jan also adds his visual style to the Czech band Like She.

The majority of infernal tableaux in European painting are cluttered with figures and almost every part of the surface includes a detailed depiction. As if some hope (or merely wishful thinking) existed that there’s no more room for anyone else in Hell. Jan Vytiska belongs to a generation for whom information overload is something entirely commonplace and he deals with contemporary visual hell in his own way. For him the internet is just another variation on the half-century old theme of the global village. The villages in his paintings have been burnt out and for the most part they are hopelessly deserted, except for a few solitary mutants. There’s plenty of room for everyone here.

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