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The summer collection of the Retart product line, specially designed in a limited edition, presenting artworks by Slovak contemporary artists. We will stay at foyer of fashion.

Foyer / Tshirt & Cap / 2017

Artwork : Barbora Idesová / www.barboraidesova.tumblr.com
Juliana Chomová / www.julianachomova.tumblr.com
Ormoš / www.oorrmmooss.info

Photo : Matúš & Alica Kucharovič / www.retart.sk
Art Director : Matúš & Alica Kucharovič
Models: Barbora Keherová & El Jay
Locality: Hide foyer, Piešťany

tshirt and cap








Retart, proudly presents a new product: Beanie

City or woods, wind or storm, the brand new Retart Beanie will keep you warm! The classic-cut soft acrylic fold beanie celebrates urban street style. The cap that displays original authorial design is woven in two layers, weighs 50 grams, it is 17 cm high and should fit every head. Each beanie has a flag label with the name of the artist who designed it. Made in Slovakia.

Actual artist collaboration by Miša Chmelíčková, Juliana Chomová, Alica Kucharovič and Matúš Kucharovič.

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Lookbook Photo : Marek Švančara / www.mareksvancara.com

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