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Alica Kucharovič

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Jewelry and Gifts was a legendary shop, opened in 1991 by the goodsman. It was a multifunctional complex Kolonáda in Piešťany. Colonnade outside the business premises, which together with apartment buildings can be solved by the city promenade, covered within your expectations. The building was built in 1958 - 1962 according to a design by Milan Šavlík and it is a place of a large post-war urban complex called "Center". The building has spa features and humane features that make this man the characters in the locally most challenging realization of the postwar period results.
  • Riso Print - 100/pcs
  • Paper Biotop (250g/m2)
  • Supplied in a paper tube
  • Numbered and signed by author
  • Sustainable Production
  • Printed in Vienna
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