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Boris Sirka

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Retart proudly presents the first work of art from its production! A limited edition of glazed ceramic solitaire called Hand - The Holder. In this project, renowned contemporary Slovak artist Boris Sirka has switched from painting to sculpture for a while. He has created an artistically enriched statuette, which can function as a jewellery stand. The object materializes imagery from the author's paintings."The Holder" a.k.a. The Hand is the third item from the painter's series of small sculptures. The functional product is made of sustainable material – baked clay, which is harder than ceramic. It is fire glazed with subtle flecks and sand grey texture. The series of 10 pieces is hand made, each object being an original with subtle variations. The size is 21cm x 15cm x 5cm and the weight is 400 grams. The statuettes are securely and stylishly wrapped in a printed wooden case with a serial number. Each piece bears the artist's signature on the underside and the year in which it was created. A printed and signed certificate of originality accompanies each work. The statuettes were created and produced in Slovakia. Current availability of the work: 5 pcs of 10 pcs.
  • Unique artwork
  • Real investment asset
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited edition: 10pcs
  • Functional small statuette
  • Biological material
  • Color-fast stain
  • Poplar wood case
  • Made in Slovakia
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