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Emil Taschka

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On the occasion of 10 years from the launch, we offer selected boards back. Retart Skate Remade Project 2012 - 2022

Artist: Emil Taschka

Skater: Tomáš Evinic

In year 2012 Retart has organised an exceptional art project combining visual art and skateboarding. The project consists of transforming a series of used skateboards into valuable works of art. Eighteen skateboarders from Slovakia and Czech Republic donated their skateboards that were afterwards shaped, polished and distributed amongst eighteen artists who converted them into artworks. This way Retart has turned used skateboards into artefacts with double identities, reflecting the creative energy of both artists and riders.

  • Unique artwork
  • Real investment asset
  • Laser signed of authenticity
  • Limited edition: 1pcs
  • Maple wood
  • Made in Slovakia
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