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Sixpack and a single 6 packs "without packaging", at a discounted price. The new Retart laces are narrower, more flexible and can be tied better.
The urban trend of wearing shoelaces as belt was introduced by skateboarders. They decided to ditch classic belts for several reasons and so should you: laces don´t have any buckle that would press into your stomach when you move, they are more comfortable and original. Besides, you can wear a different lace with each pair of trousers. Our lace is made of comfortable satin fabric, it is 150 cm long and 1 cm wide and on both sides it is printed with original artwork. Both ends of the lace are sloped and the name of the artist who designed the lace belt is in the middle. Just tie and wear!
  • They present unique visual artworks
  • They are made of soft fabric
  • They are light & easy to wear
  • They can be machine washed
  • The print is wearproof and the colours durable
  • One size for all people
  • Each product contains a label with the name of the artist
  • Made in Czech Republic

19 €

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