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Daniela Olejníková

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We presents a simple sports bag hand made in Slovakia.

The bag is classic (Gym Bag / Sack) in a non-classic design. The fundamental innovation consists in simple pull system. You have only one strap on each shoulder, which does not press and does not fall.

Grid Ripstop® fabric is also used for the production of lightweight kite parachutes. The print is indestructible and is part of the material. The flat straps are wide and flexible.

One spacious storage can hold up to 25L and will not leave you in the dark when shopping, hiking or cycling. Whether you're packing your running equipment, or things for the kids. You've gone on a big shopping spree - your bag is always ready.
The size is 50x38 cm and the weight is 50 grams. Easily packable and usable practically everywhere. A label with the name of the artist whose artwork is presented is placed inside of bag.

  • Presents a unique artwork
  • Ripstop® fabric
  • Easy©pull system
  • Lightweight, Easily packable
  • Colorfast printing
  • Suitable for washing mashine
  • Artist’s signature
  • Made in Slovakia

  • We don't play it for greenwashing
  • We don't pretend to save the planet
  • The product is 100% recyclable / vegan
  • Product lifetime is 5 to 15 years
  • Carbon footprint of the product up to 1km
  • Made ethically in a micro series 5psc only
  • Less stuff = more ecology
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