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#1 Retart PRINT artwork by Alica Kucharovič : The Col du Glandon mountain pass (1,924 m )


The Col du Glandon mountain pass was opened in 1898. In the past it was part of the Tour de France cycling race. The cycloton of the cyclists, driven by his perseverance, refers to the tenacity of man and the motivation to move his borders. Col du Glandon is a typical alpine “giant” climb. Long, tall, leading to almost 2,000 altitude. Up there, in the midst of endless grasslands, you can easily feel like at the end of the world, beyond civilization. There is no hotel or souvenir shop waiting for you. But you feel the power of nature fully, with all your senses. For an author who actively cycles and loves similar challenges, this feeling was doubled.




Woman Wallet / 2017

Artwork : Alica Kucharovič / alicakucharovic.com

Photo : Matúš & Alica Kucharovič / www.retart.sk
Art Director : Matúš & Alica Kucharovič
Locality: Home Studio, Piešťany

Woman Wallet





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Foyer / Tshirt & Cap / 2017

Artwork : Barbora Idesová / www.barboraidesova.tumblr.com
Juliana Chomová / www.julianachomova.tumblr.com
Ormoš / www.oorrmmooss.info

Photo : Matúš & Alica Kucharovič / www.retart.sk
Art Director : Matúš & Alica Kucharovič
Models: Barbora Keherová & El Jay
Locality: Hide foyer, Piešťany

tshirt and cap










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Small Wallet / 2017

Photo : StudioRetart / Matúš Kucharovič
Art director : Matúš Kucharovič

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BEANIE / 2016

Photo : Marek Švančara / www.mareksvancara.com
Art Director : Alica Kucharovič

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Swimsuit & Shorts / 2016

Photo : Mária Švarbová / www.mariasvarbova.com
Artwork : Alica Kucharovič / www.alicakucharovic.com
Juliana Chomová / www.julianachomova.tumblr.com
Katarína Janečková / www.katarinajaneckova.com
Art Director : Mária Švarbová
Asistent: Martina Širáňová
Lokalita : Kúpalisko EVA , Piešťany

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Case / 2015

Photo by Patrik Gubiš / www.patrikgubis.sk
Art Director & Model : Zuzana Fajta / www.hemmet.sk
Location : Pezinok , Slovakia

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Pin / 2016

Photo by Retart




Sausage man


Ninjas car












Hat / Summer 2015

Photo by Michaela Dutková
Artwork by Daniela Olejníková
Art Director : Alica Gurinova
Model : Deanna Pizzitelli
Location : Piešťany, Wake Soul, SK

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Cap / Summer 2015

Photos by Adam Lukas ( Location Prague, Czech Republik )

Artwork by Juliana Chomová, Alica Gurínová, Boris Sirka and Karol Banach. 
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Retart Cap by Alica Gurinova

Retart Cap by Juliana Chomova

Retart Cap by Boris Sirka

Retart Cap by Karol Banach




SCARF / Limited edition / Summer 2014

Photos by Dita Havránková ( Location SLAPY, Czech Republik )

Artwork by Daniela Olejníková, Alica Gurínová, Martin Tomori.
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Lace Belt

Photos by Honza Zima aka Pinin (Location NY,USA)




Photos by Kubo Krížo (Location Barcelona, Spain)



Actual Scarfs 2013 / 2014

Photos by Kubo Krížo



Photos by Honza Zima aka Pinin



Photos by Robotix

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